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When You Fall Asleep in the Middle of a Book...

An inquiry into incomplete bedtime stories.

Is there anything better before falling asleep
Than a good book read while your under warm sheets?

But a book is just pages of paper and print
Kindling on a shelf awaiting a flint
The spark of a story is bright imagination
You, young reader, are charged with its creation
And in truth, a fine tale does not end on its own
But needs an attentive ear to carry it home.

So, what happens when you fall asleep in the middle of a book?


The cop doesn’t catch the crook.

The duckling still has an ugly look.

The caterpillar doesn’t turn into a butterfly.

The jerk never learns to be a better guy.

The ship stays lost at sea.

No one uncovers the conspiracy.

The frog is still a frog,

Sitting lonely on a log.

And the girl keeps looking for her missing dog.

The harvest is unreaped

As the farmer’s fast asleep.

Luke never finds the girl in the hologram.

No one tries green eggs and ham.


The bully keeps harassing the shy kid.

No one knows what the butler did.

All his wooing is for naught.

The final battle is not fought.

The sacrifice is not made.

The village is not saved.

Max remains misbehaved.

And the lost girl doesn’t find her way

They all wait through the day and into the night for you to guide them to the end, and then turn out the light.

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