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Ishinca (5530m)

The popular Ishinca valley attracts many visitors to its four main peaks: Urus, Tocllaraju, Ishinca, and Raranpalca.  With the exception of Raranpalca, the mountains here are in good condition this year.  The valley is accessed by a 12km hike along a cliffside trail that follows a pale blue glacial river.  The head of the valley is populated with tent villages of various climbing expeditions, as well as a refuge that provides lodging and food to climbers looking for a little more comfort and amenities.

During the 1970 earthquake, debris from the upper mountain came crashing down into a glacial lake that sat on a 100m high terminal moraine.  The force of the landslide burst the walls of the moraine and flooded the valley.  The moraine mound still wears the scar of the event, like in a fit of rage some ancient god cleaved the mound in two with one great swing.


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